Super Silicon-Gel Pressure Releasing Mat 超薄矽膠減壓墊


Super Silicon-Gel Pressure Releasing Mat 超薄矽膠減壓墊

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耐用性強勁!! 醫療級矽膠物料不會變形!!

Constructed with a medical grade gel, the latex-free seat cushion provides continuous support without flattening out or losing its shape. The General Armor gel cushion returns to its original shape after each use for extensive usability.


超舒服完全零壓力感! 3D 蜂巢設計!

Using elastic gel technology, this seat cushion has the softness of silica gel, eliminating pressure on the uncomfortable pressure points. Honeycomb design allows air to circulate so its always cool to the touch.

Pressure Release and comfort COOLING GEL MATERIAL

超強散熱能力! (5 倍太空棉涼快感)

The gel material captures and distributes heat to create a more comfortable environment. This gel seat cushion offers up to 5 times better cooling than conventional memory foam cushion due to the gel material and honeycomb desig


Reduce Back Pain & Sciatica

物理治療師專業推介減壓墊! 減輕各種痛症


Coccyx / Tailbone Relief 尾龍骨痛症
Pain from sitting long hours 痛症因長時間坐
Healthy posture 改善坐知姿勢
Herniated discs 椎間盤突出問題
Pregnancy related sciatica 孕婦引起坐骨神經痛正
Piriformis Syndrome梨狀肌肉痛症

Ergonomic Design 百搭設計! 適合各種座椅

Turn Any Chair into A Premium Seat!

Portability makes it easy to bring comfort where ever you go and turn any hard surface into a premium seat:


Office chair 公司座椅
Car seat, Trucks & RVs 私家車貨櫃車
Travel, Long flights旅行及長途機適用
Kitchen seats 廚房座椅
Sports Beachers, Movie Theaters 沙灘及戲院適用


Size: 17. 5*15. 5*1. 2 inches.

Weight: 2.65 pounds

This cushion is lightweight enough to bring wherever you need with its carrying handle. And it’s compact enough to store when you don’t need it. Want to freshen it up? Simply remove the cover and pop it in the wash

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