Compex Ayre™ Wireless Compression Boots 壓縮無線電動按摩器


Compex Ayre™ Wireless Compression Boots 壓縮無線電動按摩器

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Compex Ayre壓縮靴是一種無線電動按摩器,可通過暫時增加治療部位的壓力來暫時緩解緊張並放鬆肌肉。這是通過電子控制的泵完成的,該泵將空氣輸送到腿上的獨立氣囊,然後擠壓小腿及大腿以幫助血液流動。
借助Compex®Ayre™壓縮靴,隨時隨地都可以使用。 此產品專為教練,精英和休閒運動員而設計,是一種使用間歇性氣動壓縮的治療產品。運動時,身體會增加乳酸水平,而在使用時,Compex Ayre使用動態脈沖壓縮肢體,有助於促進快速癒合。

The Compex Ayre Compression boots are a wireless electric massager used to temoporarily relieve tension and relax muscle by temporarily increasing cirulation in the treated ares. This is done with an electronically controlled pump that transports air to the airbags on the legs, which then squeezes the calves or things to help blood flow from the lower limbs.

Feel relief aid anywhere, anytime with Compex® Ayre™ compression boots. Designed for coaches, elite and recreational athletes on-the-go, Ayre is a therapeutic product using intermittent pneumatic compression. When exercising, the body builds up lactate level as a biproduct of muscle contraction. Compex Ayre uses a dynamic pulsing compression up the limbs in waves for the duration of its use, which helps promote quick healing. Sit back, power up the boots, and enjoy your recovery for up to 3 hours anywhere on a single charge.


Help treat / prevent

Sore or aching muscles, pain and swelling of the muscles.

Suitable for
Aiding in the relief of sore or aching muscles from exercise or recreational activities helping you to be ready to go at full speed the next day.


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